Akiku Aroma is a global brand dedicated towards promoting holistic healing through aromatherapy.
Founded in 2004 by a IFPA certified aromatherapist, Miss A. Kikuchi, the brand offers a range of all-natural plant essential oils and aromatherapy-related products made from pure, high-quality ingredients sourced from world class suppliers.  Miss A. Kikuchi has an educational background in fashion merchandising, textile production, aromatherapy, and marketing. She worked at a number of fashion and textile companies before venturing into the healing business. She has held the position of the Aromatherapy Advisor at the Aroma Environment Association of Japan (AEAJ). 
All the body and massage oils formula for Akiku Aroma products are specially designed, blended, and tested by the in-house aromatherapist in order to achieve the highest products quality.
Akiku Aroma, 由國際芳療師協會(IFPA)和日本芳療環境協會(AEAJ) 註冊認可芳療師成立於2004年, 以芳香療法來恢復身心平衡, 提供一系列100%天然植物精華油, 身體護理油及按摩油產品。選用歐洲生產的防漏遮光棕色玻璃瓶和來自全球不同產地的純淨優質原材料, 不含化學物或防腐劑。每一款身體護理油及按摩油配方均由Akiku Aroma芳療師親自調配及監管, 為確保商品質素。
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