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Information > Essential Oils > Useful Tips
In burners or vaporizers

This is a very popular use for essential oils. It allows the natural fragrance of the oil to be released. Essential oils are highly volatile and burn easily because of this they should not be placed near the naked flame and the bowl of the vaporizer should be kept topped up with water and not allowed to dry out while the candle is alight.

Ensure the burner is standing on a non flammable surface, is not left unattended and is kept away from children and animals.

In the bathroom

Between four and six drops of essential oil in a bath can produce a wonderful fragrance with a very positive effect. Always ensure that the oil is diluted with either a vegetable carrier oil or full fat milk before adding to the bath. Never add undiluted essential oils to bath water or directly onto the skin.

When bathing children use a smaller quantity of oil (1 or 2 drops) and remember that young children may suck fingers or rub eyes.

In massage

For massage, the essential oil should be blended with a carrier oil. A good guide to the level of dilution is about 2.5 to 3.0% essential oil, equivalent to 5-6 drops of essential oil for every 10mls of carrier oil. If a blend of essential oils are being used then the total of the blend of essential oils should not exceed 3%. The mixture should be well agitated to ensure even blending of the mixture.

In inhalations

The use of essential oils in inhalations can have beneficial effects on respiratory conditions. Several drops of essential oil are added to a large bowl, boiling water is added and the rising vapors are inhaled with both the head and the bowl covered with a towel. This should be continued for about five minutes. Care should be taken with asthma sufferers and children. During inhalation the eyes should be kept shut to avoid irritation.